Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Silver, Silver Everywhere

Last week my DH and I celebrated our 25th (Silver) wedding anniversary.

We commemorated the occasion with a family dinner and also going away for the weekend to Melbourne, so we got to catch up with DD22 as well. As Sunday was Father's Day, it made it specially nice. Melbourne turned on the warmth and sunshine for us and we had a really lovely weekend - such a shame to have to fly back to reality again!

On the handcrafted side, we received a beautiful star book made by my lovely SIL with photos from our wedding, the arrival of our two gorgeous daughters and some family shots over the years. A very special gift for us to enjoy and treasure.

We also received a gorgeous card-in-a-box from DD22, who knows how much I love cherry cobbler.

As a crafter it is so much more special to receive handmade items, as I appreciate how much thought and effort goes into the creating of them, so we are really grateful to all involved in the making of our "silver" treasures.

You may have guessed from my long absences here on my blog that I am absolutely snowed under with work - and you would be right. But I have a card class coming up this weekend, so I will finally get to sit down and CREATE! and how wonderful that will be. So pop back later in the week for a sneakie at our class cards which will feature the emboss resist technique.

Thanks for dropping by.



Andrea said...

Happy Anniversary Kez, It is so nice to see that you have others that can create such lovely gifts for you.

Sue Dean said...

Happy anniversary Kez. Your handmade surprises were lovely!

Mel said...

Happy anniversary! Your star book is gorgeous..and I'm so glad you liked your card in a box xxx