Friday, November 5, 2010

My New Baby

Yesterday I wandered into Dick Smith (or Duck Smuth, as we kiwis call him! LOL!) Powerhouse to have a look at mobile phones. I don't like the one I've got and with Xmas coming up and all, I thought it was a good time to see what is around.

Well, I didn't end up seeing any mobile phones I liked, but I did bring home one of these babies:

OMGosh, it is fantabulouso! I am having such fun playing and trying to equate things with the PC version I am so used to! But I can't wait to have time to get into some serious fun with photos, movies etc! Yay! Roll on the Christmas holidays!

DD12 of course insists that I really bought it for her - AS IF!!!!!

My summer mini pre-order goodies arrived today so I'll try to get some crafting done over the weekend ... might be a bit distracted though! You understand ....



Andrea said...

Who's a lucky duck? Enjoy!

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Oooh! How brave ... I don't think that I would cope with changing to Apple ... although this does look very appealing! Enjoy! Hugs xxaxx

Lynda said...

Don't u love delusional children??? Such a shame but so common. Funniest looking phone I have ever seen....but I guess it'll wk for what u need it to do!! ooxx ;)