Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Goodbye and Thanks EPS

Well, it came and went ... DD11's last day at primary school. She was compering the school talent fest (and making a terrific job of it, I'm told) but health issues kicked in and she had to leave. We managed to sort it all out luckily and she returned for the last of the rituals.

Each year the whole school comes out to form an arch of honour for the year 6 six kids to walk through. Here is a shot of my dear DD11 making her way through the kindy kids (hint: she's wearing a purple top):

And here is an easel card I made to thank the staff of the school for the last 13 years while my two girls went through. I used Tildas who bear a mild resemblance to my two and photocopied the school uniform fabric for the background paper. Excuse the photos, DD11 was holding it for me in the school car park!

Thanks for calling in today! Hope your littlies have enjoyed their last week before the holidays too.

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Lynda said...

Oh Kez, I am so v v sorry that DD11 got struck down in her prime. Great news that she bounced quickly. Hopefully not too much embarrassment done. The card is such a sweet gesture and I am sure dssply appreciated. Ur girls are somewhat Tilda-ish!! :) Enjoy the hols. ooxx PS My speccy hugs and kisses to DD11.

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