Monday, December 14, 2009

Year 6 Farewell

Tonight was DD11's Farewell Dinner and Dance so I've a couple of photos to share. She looked stunningly beautiful (in my totally unbiased opinion!), assisted by Big Sister's expertise in hair arranging and makeup application (you know what experts 17 year olds are at these, LOL!!!).

How fast they grow up! We have them for such a fleeting time, it's so important to treasure every moment ...

Have a great evening.



Cheryl said...

Your daughter looks absolutely gorgeous Kez,I hope she enjoyed her evening!!! My daughter has her year 6 farewell tomorrow night and she is looking forward to it!!

Lynda said...

Wowsers Kez, she looks so v v amazing and grown up. Please pass on my utmost admiration as to how she looks. DD17 has a definite career in hair and makeup if everything els falls thru! Well done DD11 on making it thru to the end of primary school....the adventure is only beginning!! ooxx

Anonymous said...

She looks beautiful:)
My year six farewell is in less then 3 weeks!!

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