Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Today I received the Stylish Blogger Award from Gilda Fellows, one of the designers at UStamp and a fellow SU demo from Japan. Thank you so much Gilda for the compliment of saying that I inspire you! Luckily no one can see me blushing!

Now I have to wrack my brain to think of 8 things about me you don't already know ...
  1. I have suffered from vertigo since I was 10. Vertigo is not, as so commonly portrayed in the movies, a fear of heights, but an inner ear imbalance issue that makes you dizzy.
  2. I adore Irish and Scottish accents.
  3. I am a middle child and only girl.
  4. I was a Girl Guides leader when my girls were young.
  5. I have never mastered skating or skiing - nothing involving balance and motion! (Maybe that relates to No. 1!)
  6. I have hazel eyes.
  7. When backpacking around Europe (in my 20s) I collected a charm from each country I visited and love to look at my charm bracelet for all those good memories.
  8. My most surreal experience was when I went to Belfast (Northern Ireland) and saw tanks and machine guns in the streets and signs warning against umbrellas ...
I'll come back another time to pass the award on as it's a bit hectic today!


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