Sunday, December 11, 2011

Riley Guards the Bauble

On Saturday we did our yearly Christmas Tree ritual - we drive out to a tree farm at Luddenham, wander around discussing the merits of various trees until we find one that we three girls are happy with (DH is just along for muscle power!), DH cuts it down and then we lug it home and decorate.

This year we had just finished decorating when my cat Riley wandered in and coolly and calmly plonked himself down right under the tree, capturing a stray bauble that had fallen off. You can see that I haven't even had time to clear up the pine needles that fell off as it was carried in! He did, however, provide me with a wonderful photographic opportunity.

Here's my handsome wee man guarding the errant bauble and managing to look soooooooo cool and nonchalant while he did so:

Who do I speak to, to come back as a house cat in my next life?

Meanwhile, I have done some Xmas craft and if only it would STOP RAINING and being so GLOOMY, I could take some photos to show you! Gotta speak to someone about that too!

Thanks for dropping in.



Leslie Hanna said...

What a handsome fellow! And if you find out how to come back as a house cat, please let me know.

Anonymous said...

These furry felines sure know how to make themselves at home. If at all possible, I'm definately coming back as a pampered pussy! Helen Cooke

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