Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Vote Elmo for President

OK, so I know that we don't actually have a President in Australia, but there is talk of becoming a republic and if we do, then by golly we better get Elmo to immigrate and vote him in!

What's with all the Elmo Enthusiasm, you ask? Well, the other day DD19 and I were shopping in Big W and as I was cruising the Xmas decorations aisles, looking for some inspiration, I spied this:

Now I just can't resist a button that says

naturally, I mean who can? - and so I did (press there, that is) and Elmo starts to sing Jingle Bells! His mouth moves and everything! And he gives a gorgeous little Elmo giggle at the end and oh-my-goodness-who-could-possibly-resist-him? So I showed this to DD19, who just stared open-mouthed while the King of Cute did his thing. I honestly couldn't read her facial expression and was thinking that maybe she didn't like it and was thinking I was being silly - but after Elmo finished his song, she just grabbed it and proclaimed "We are buying this!" She loves it as much as me and of course DD13 does too (she used to have a Tickle Me Elmo), so now every now and then we play it and we all sit there with huge smiles on our dials!

So that's why I'll be voting for Elmo for President. DD19 will too. Yup.

And as I thought perhaps you might want to see something craft-related, I'll reshow this adorable card I made a whiles back:

Hope you get some Elmo-cute giggles in your day. Thanks for stopping by.



Lynda said...

He's got my vote....s'not as if we haven't had a ranga as leader of the country before!!!!(cept this one is MUCH cuter). Love the card. Now I haev a wee neice...I can bust out the Sesame St Characters again!!! Like the Elmo doll, they just fill u with happiness. ooxx

Mel said...

Elmo has my vote for sure :) He would certainly do a better job than our current illustrious leader! Thanks for sharing where you have been shopping......I'll be heading straight into Big W this morning for my very own singing Elmo! Oh, ok, I might share with the kid. Maybe.

Rob I said...

Hope the batteries dont go flat before I can see him - how cute cute cute

Anonymous said...

I had exactly the same reaction to Elmo as you and had to have him. I bought him last year but this year his batteries were flat. Lucky they are replacable :)