Wednesday, March 25, 2015

General Excitement

It's an exciting day around here today as I have been published in a craft magazine!

I know? right? who'd have thunk?

I was contacted last month by an editor of a UK craft magazine called Paper Crafter about being included in an article choosing the Top 5 craft bloggers. Well, you could have blown me down with a feather (no mean task, I promise you)! I had a series of questions to answer about blogging and also to include a photo of me (yuck) and a sample of a card (and as it is Spring over in the UK, they asked for something with that theme). I was hectically busy at the time working on design team commitments, so I picked a card from a while ago and sent that off.

Here is the link to the introduction of the article:

And here is the article itself.

Tip no 1 was mine!

Now I'd better get back to my housework while I can still fit my head in the door!!! (lol, just kidding - not likely to get much housework done today!).

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Robyn P said...

That's quite a compliment. Congratulations

Mary said...

Wow, how exciting - congratulations!

Amy Seigler said...

How Exciting! I've been following you for a while and enjoy your project and hearing about you and your family.

Christine Blain said...

Oh, please - you're a bit of a stamping superstar, Kerry; why wouldn't they want to feature you??!! Lovely; great recognition for you, and well-deserved. :)

Joelle said...

Kerry, how exciting!!! Congrats! You are very talented, it's so nice to see you being recognised. J xo