Friday, April 3, 2015

Egg Boxes

It's a wet and overcast day today for Good Friday (so excuse my photos being a bit on the dark and dingy side, won't you?) and I've been finishing off some quick and easy Easter boxes for holding chocolate eggs to give to the family.

As luck would have it, our elder daughter's and my birthday often fall at Easter and that is the case this year. I am the 4th (tomorrow) and DD is the 6th (Monday), so that means she is able to be here with us for our birthdays, which is not always the case. She brought her boyfriend with her this year, so we are a happy bunch here in the mountains and enjoying the time together.

I used some of SU's gift boxes to house a variety of chocolate eggs and decorated them simply with papers, adding flowers and ribbon for the girls and keeping them plain and simple for the guys. Here they are:

I haven't made DD's birthday card yet (nothing like leaving it till the last minute!) so I'll be back in a couple of days to show you that.

Meanwhile, we are having a joint celebration on Sunday and Matt (DD22's fella) is cooking us a birthday dinner! Won't we be spoiled?! Can't wait!

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Lynda said...

Beautiful Boxes Kez. Happy Easter wishes and goodness to you and yours. ooxx