Sunday, March 20, 2011

Now it's getting obsessive!

OK, you had to be expecting it.

It was inevitable, really, let's face it.

I'm sure it will come as no surprise to many of you.

After all, what else could possibly happen, based on past performance?

Yes, you're right. I've gone and done it.


Made another owl.

Not just any old owl. Ohhhhh no.

An Easter owl.

Having trouble thinking how owls and Easter can match up? Well, you see, here's how it happened ...

... so, I was in the shops and saw those cute little hairbands that always pop up around Easter. You know the ones, they are white and fluffy and have cute bunny ears attached. And little kids wear them and look adorable. Well, my girls did anyways ... looked adorable in them, that is. I'm sure yours do/did too!

So then I got to thinking ... would a little owl wear bunny ears too? And go around looking for eggs hidden in the garden? Of course they would! No owl parent would deprive their child of that kind of fun, now would they? Which raises the side issue of whether or not chocolate is good for owls .... but I digress!

And so my Easter owl was created, dressed in a bunny ear headband and bunny costume and carrying a basket filled with eggs found in the grass.

Ta da!

Damn stinkin' cute is what it is! (YILM!)

Punches used:
  • bunny ears - 5 petal flower
  • headband - 1" circle, 1 1/4" circle
  • bunny tummy - small oval
  • owl wings - scallop oval
  • basket - owl
  • basket handle - small oval, large oval
  • eggs - balloon (non SU)
  • grass - grass (Martha Stewart)
  • branches - 2 step bird
Hope it brings a smile to your dial. Thanks for stopping by.



Sarah Milbourn Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator said...

Oh Kerry! That is so gorgeous! I was only thinking yesterday that you hadn't posted an owl in a while! You are so clever. I may just have to case this one. I'm sure I won't be the only one either! Great work.

Linda said...

Oh My God - so stinking cute!! Mind if I case it?

Andrea said...


Kez said...

Thanks ladies, glad you like it!

Sarah, you must have missed my Irish owl - check out 17th March! LOL

Linda, case away and thanks for the compliment.

Christine Blain said...

Not only did this make me smile, but I laughed out loud. Just TOO cute, Kez! Love it!

Diane Barnes said...

Aww he's so cute & that's not because I've never met an owl I didn't like. I think there will be lots of Easter owls around this Easter, including at my place if that's ok. Thanks so much for sharing your owl inspiration. Inky wishes, Di

Anne lana team member said...

Too cute, you should make a book of all your owl designs. Very clever.

Sandra said...

Your Easter owl is just too cute for words Kerry!! The kids and I all had a giggle and you have their vote of approval too. They love it! :)

Sue Dean said...

I would have been disappointed if you didn't do an easter owl. Too cute, well done. If you aren't careful you will become the official Owl Lady!

Paula said...

That Owl is too darn cute Kez!! Love the wee Easter basket too!! ♥

Kim Score said...

super cute! this will be on my inspiration blog post in a couple days. TFS

Cheryl said...

OMG that is SO CUTE,I am going to have to case that do you come up with all these ideas,so very clever!!!

Carla Bazhenow said...

I am so excited!!! I love your Easter Owl... he is gorgeous!!! I love those bunny ears. Fabulous job lady!!! Hugs,

Liam said...

You are getting extremely clever Kerry. I thought you had been owled out but this is a fantastic idea. Just Awesome. I think this little owl will be very popular among the blogs. You are becoming a star. Love it.

Patricia Gessner said...

This is just tooooooo cute. Thanks for sharing. There will be many brothers and sisters made for him I am sure.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. My mother collects owls and I collect I HAVE to CASE you and send this to my Mom!

Houston, TX

littlebitoftoto said...

You have done it sweet...lovely and wonderful..thanks

Linda said...

Oh, my goodness! That could not be any cuter.

Great job.

Cynthia said...

Ok, this is the cutest thing I have saw all day, I am on my way to make it now!!! I love your blog and creations, you were right when you said, damn stinking cute is what it is!!!

Lynda said...

Tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo darn stinkin' cute in my opinion Missy!!! This owl just makes me beam!!! I dunno id that owl pendant has any magical powers...but whatever you are doing is working!!! Sheer bunny/owl brilliance. ooxx

GreatHandsDesigns said...

That. Is. Adorable.

Kayleigh said...

I love this post! I was already laughing before I saw your little owl with his cute bunny ears - gorgeous! Hoo says you can't have an Easter Owl? ;)

Bronwyn Eastley said...

Lovin' the bunny owl - how creative!