Monday, June 13, 2011

Punch Buggy Yellow

Do your kids/grandkids love to play the Yellow Car and Punch Buggie games? My girls do and we often have a hilarious journey trying to beat each other to find both and call "punch buggy yellow"! Being in the driver's seat has its advantages and disadvantages, mind you! But we can't play Yellow car when we are in Melbourne with DD19 as she lives very close to the CBD and all the taxis are yellow! LOL

So having seen a gorgeous punch art VW beetle some time ago, I finally got around to making a punch buggy yellow card - literally! Here tis:

I love it! Takes me back aeons ago to my own childhood when we had a white VW beetle - named Herbie of course! (For those of you ancient enough to remember the original Love Bug movies!)

Thanks for dropping in.


Edited to add Punches used:

  • Wide oval - hood & car top
  • Large oval - windshield, hood & side fenders
  • Word Window - bumper
  • Modern Label - tires
  • 1/2" circle - black headlights
  • new punch pack 3/8" circle - gray headlights
  • Horizontal slot punch - rear view mirror, bumper add-ons & hood handle


Robyn P said...

I think you might have ticked a lot of boxes with your fab Beetle card. Firstly, it's fun and different, secondly, I think it would be a great male card (always difficult to make) and thirdly, you've used punch art to make a card for grown ups. I love it :)

Paula said...

I love these cards too Kez and made one myself a while back. My husbands B'day is coming up and if I find sometime for punch art, I might just make him one of these cuties!

TRACEY said...

OH KEZ, I LOVE IT, that is awesome and the very first time i have ever seen it, it is gorgeous, thank you so much for making and sharing it with us.

Carla Bazhenow said...

Oh this is just too cute. I love it!!! Hugs,

Chris nz said...

Cool card. keep em coming.

Stampingbarb said...

Kerry, just love this card, I need to have a go at making it............if i dare

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Love the story that goes with this fabbo card! That part of the appeal of blog hopping ... learning new things about our blog friends! Hugs xxaxx

Lynda said...

Sheesh...."Spotto" (the yellow car game) is rampant here...b/w you and Mads Dunn...AAARRRGGGHHHH it drives me NUTS!!!!! I have this tute somewhere in the crypt...and I love it...never wld have done yellow...but it is AWESOME!!!! WAY cool and so much fun. Brilliant. ooxx....and yes...I remember the originals!!

Deb said...

G'day Kez, would you please let me know which punch and how you did the bumber bar on the VW. Love it you did a top job.

P Miller said...

Thank you so much for some fun and beautiful cards. I am rarely new to card making and would love to get your instructions on making this adorable VW card. My husband has 2 bugs and I would love to be able to make him this card. Thank you so much. Have a great day😀

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